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Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for your IT Infrastructure
The Institute for
Entrepreneurial Leadership
International Association of
Managed Service Providers
Regal Communications helps organizations reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the IT infrastructure through the
strategic use of pre-owned networking equipment and managed serviecs.

The "Regal" approach is that all possible costs of owning a technology asset should be addressed so that organizations do
not spend much more than necessary. Secondary market, pre-owned, used, refurbished and grey/gray can mean many
different things, but the overall approach of employing networking equipment that is pre-owned can offer significant value in
reducing TCO. Managed services is another TCO reducing strategy, that when properly implemented offers additional value.
In general, managed services involve the outsourcing of network managment and maintenance to managed service
providers (MSPs).

There are a myriad of combinations and implementation levels of the aforementioned strategies for TCO reduction. The end
goal & result is the same: more resources available to the organzation to dedicate to the core business.